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02 September 2020 @ 01:06 am
Please tell me my birthday wish would come true.
And you know, i swear my love you.
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02 September 2009 @ 01:17 am
Ahhhhh, crap. I hate fluuu.
Blocked nose, cracked lips(results from breathing thru the nose-.-)
And i can't sneeze whenever i want to.
Apparently, i'm a sun-sneezer or Photic sneezer(complicated alien word, 'Photic')

Definition of Photic sneeze reflex

Photic sneeze reflex: A disorder, also known as the achoo syndrome, characterized by nearly uncontrollable paroxysms of sneezing provoked in a reflex fashion by the sudden exposure of a dark-adapted subject to intensely bright light, usually to brilliant sunlight. The number of successive sneezes is usually 2 or 3, but can be up to about 40. (The condition was once called the helio-ophthalmic outburst syndrome.)

The photic sneeze reflex is much more common than has been generally recognized. In one study it was found in 23% of medical students. The syndrome is one of the most frequent of all known genetic traits. It is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner, affecting males and females alike, who have a 50:50 chance of passing the achoo gene to each of their children who will have the disorder. The syndrome was first described in 1978.

One physician reported that he had suffered from photic sneezing for over 20 years and, having just learned of the existence of the syndrome, found that the "symptoms are more easily tolerated if you can put a name to them, even if that produces only an illusory understanding of their significance." He commented on the potential hazards of photic sneezing if it occurs while one is driving a car on a sunny day. Tunnels and shadows created by tall buildings and forested terrain can induce sneezing upon re-entering the bright sunlight.

So yeah, there you go.
Super ass long definition/explaination.
Ok, maybe i'm a little different.
But whenever i wanna sneeze, i need to stare at the sun or super bright light.
If not, i can't sneeze. -.-
And i can't sneeze now cause my room is dark. !@@#!@#@$#$
Anywayss, i'm having mixed- feelings of you-know-what la.
And, it's like 2 months away la, i hope i have enough time to prepare his things.
400++, i don't think it's enough. ):
AHHHHH, how i hope i poo money. ):
Then i will love it when i lao sai-ed.

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27 August 2009 @ 06:38 pm

Sorry for the ultra big swear word above but i am really damn bloody arse happy.
Know why?

Because F.T Island is coming back!!!!
(Nov7 and 8)

Exactly 2 months back, they left Singapore after their showcase. I was sooooooooo sad.
So i kept wishing they would come back soon and blah blah blah.
And now, my wishes are answered! :D
I kept jumping about in my house this morning and woke my mum.(she was in second floor. LOL.)
I am so high and i don't think i will die down anytime soon. HAHA.

I, Frances Lo hereby proclaim that
i am now the happiest girl alive.

Jonghun<3 Can't believe i'm seeing you again. So happy.
It's a dream come true. :) Again. :D

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24 August 2009 @ 01:55 am
That's all i can say.
You know i love you.
No, actually, you don't.

Someday, i hope,
you will be reachable.

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22 August 2009 @ 01:07 am
The title explains it all.
My birthday is coming up. Having a chalet.
But i haven't done a single shit.
Like my cake is not orderd, neither are the food. Sigh.
I wish i wasn't this last minute. D:

And, i wishh you were here, to help me thru mini tough times like this.
I wish, i wish, i wish.
And when i say it 3 times, i meant it.

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18 August 2009 @ 07:46 pm
When will i truly understand you?
I don't know why am i feeling this way.
I don't know when it started.
And.. worst of all,
it just keeps getting stronger.

I believe love is blind,
knows no boundaries.

But my love is wrong, so very wrong.
Like hello? Who am i bluffing?
GOD. What is wrong with me.

Should i really let this snowball further?
Or should i TRY and put a halt to it?

I hate myself for feeling this way. Seriously hate it, hate hate hate it.
Screw myself and this stupid/retarded/nonsensical/wrong/superblind LOVE.

Wow, screw myself even more. I'm like listening to FTI- I knew it from first sight. -.-

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13 August 2009 @ 12:49 am
Are you willing to believe that i'm different from the other fans?
Are you willing to put your trust in me?

Trust, a word that will change all fate and bring complete strangers together.

I do hope that when it's time i ask you this, you do trust me.

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07 August 2009 @ 01:56 pm
I wanna be that pillar of support, of love, of everything to you.
Be that person different from others.
So when you see me, you can get away from your hectic and tiresome life.


Love you too, ___________(:
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05 August 2009 @ 03:02 pm
I have been happy happy these two days. :)
My mood swings change like the weather, don't you think?
But i hope i stay happy for a long time! :D

Thinking about you makes me happy&warm&fuzzy inside!

And thanks Esther! For letting me know that being happy thinking about him is not a bad thing after all!

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04 August 2009 @ 12:35 am
I think i shall be short and sweet tonight.

It's definitely beyond 'fan' and 'idol' now.
 I'm totally awake, i know what i'm doing, i know how i'm feeling. But i also know that i won't regret this at all.

As, the saying goes, "It's better loved and lost than never been loved at all."
I think i fully understand what it means now.
It's a love/hate relationship for sure.
But still, i'm clear of how i feel.


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